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Purchasing terms

The contract concerns:

All the goods that are listed in the web-shop.

Purchasing-price, delivery charges, way of delivery, payment terms and conditions:

Purchasing-price: the price stated next to the product. All of our prices are net prices without any exceptions, so 25% of VAT should be added to them.

Delivery charges: The delivery expenses are charged for the customer. Amount: 2.000,- HUF+VAT/purchase.

Way of delivery: Our parcels are delivered by one of Hungary’s leader courier service companies.

Payment terms and conditions: In cash (collect package) on receipt of the parcel to the courier.

Delivery terms: Within 2-4 working days from the order confirmation. If the ordered goods are not in stock we state the expected delivery date on the order confirmation which might be as long as 4-8 weeks.

Warranty: Disposable products are exchanged immediately in case of any manufacturing mistake. The faulty product should be sent back to our office at the customer’s own charge. The delivery expenses of the exchanged product are charged for the distributor. Delivery terms of the exchanged product: 2-4 days from the receipt of the faulty product. Warranty of devices: 12 months from the date of purchase, which applies exclusively to the device itself (without any accessories). In case of failures that are caused by the user no warranty applies, the expenses of the repairs are charged for the customer. Faulty devices are sent back to the manufacturing plant for investigation and repair. In this case the returning date of the repaired product is always unique which we cannot influence as the products are produced abroad.