Company introduction

WQL MED Ltd. is under Hungarian ownership in 100% and due to the fact that we represent itself with exclusively high quality products on the market our company is highly popular among the users.

WQL Unlimited Partnership, the basis of our present company has been forming its company policy advisedly since its establishment in 1993, and has been aspiring to enter into contracts that make us be the exclusive distributor of certain products. These contracts have been allowing us to set the most favourable prices for our customers. The continuous innovative activity led to the extension of our product range with specialized products that supply such important professions as anaesthesiology, intensive therapy and haemodynamics, oncology diagnostics, gynaecology, urology etc. Alongside with our specialized products there are other expendable products that also complement our product selection.

Our company was one of the first firms that appointed the introduction of disposable implements as their main objective in order to protect both the patients’ and the doctors’ health and to maintain maximal hygiene. One of the greatest strength of our company is the excellent team of professionals. Our many years of experience makes it possible to serve our customers on the highest standard. Our work is effective due to the cooperation and the professional support between the colleagues. We are willing to fulfil our obligations by continual trainings and professional rapport with the healthcare institutions.

There are Hungarian hospitals, clinics, private surgeries and also companies that deal with servicing activity among our customers.

WQL MED Ltd. posesses an ISO90001 quality control system.

The company has a 600 m2 floor space warehouse in its site in Szeged that enables us to deliver the ordered products immediately. We have our products delivered by one of Hungary’s major delivery companies on the second working day after the day of the order. (95% of the deliveries arrive on the second working day after the day of the order.)


Partners who have provided us with the entitlement of exclusive distribution are:


Biometrix, Israel

Copan, Italy

Envitec, Germany

GPS, Italy

Pajunk, Germany

RIMOS, Italy